2009.05.16 WHY 95% OF TRADERS FAIL - PART II

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Postby propip » Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:47 pm

At first Thank to TRO for sharing, tips, food for thoughts.

PINKPANTHER5 wrote:Yes this is a good point TRO. I remember I was in a paid chatroom service for forex and there were people there who were looking at the GOLD chart while trading EUR\USD. This part can be really tricky. I am yet to figure out how people look at other currencies to make decisions.

Which one would be first?? If we were look at the GBP crosses, which pair would be the first one to look at and trade on the other?

Look at Gold and EUR/USD. They look nearly the same.
I noticed if GOLD makes big move then EUR/USD do the same.

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