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Re: ProchargedMopar's Dart Dynasty

Postby v8power » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:26 pm

prochargedmopar wrote:
v8power wrote:
prochargedmopar wrote:He asked for it

Trying to confirm over 1000 members and set them up with private twitter acxt access all by your little loansome in a couple days.
What a pain.

Welcome to your new J.O.B.


So he gave up the life of an elite trader. The freedom to do whatever. To start some a business he isn't ready for nor wants to run. And for what 1.8 mil only if every single "supposed" member that signed up stays the whole year. Sounds like a huge headache for some chump change. What if only 500 actually signed up. What if they cancel in 6 months. Now your down to$450,000 before taxes. So after taxes and any related operating expenses your left with less then $300,000. Or what I call a good Wednesday.

Only things I've heard:

All profits are going to a local charity project.
He prayed to god that he would teach others if he ever made it big as a trader.
He did it for 6 yrs but could not get the results he desired.
People started repackaging his stuff and selling it online, which he did not get credit for.
Decided to do 1 year mentorship for those that were serious/committed to learning.
After 13mo he is supposedly DONE.
He feels that will fulfill his promise made to God.
I don't think he can keep his trap shut but we will see in 12 mo.

I scanned your post will quick and can agree/respect most of that. Except for "repacking his stuff". I have yet to really see anyone have an orginal idea that wasn't already called something else in a book from the 30's, 50's or whenever. Except for the crash zone (honestly, not just ass kissing). Also I hate when people pray to god for money. You can only worship one God (pray for world peace dickhead!).

I wish you the best pro

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