Searching for truth

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Searching for truth

Postby speed26 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:05 pm

Hi folks!

Im brand new to this community and at first glance im truly impressed in how open minded you folks really are.

I sense a huge amount of creativity and openness to share here. I sense its a good place to look for truth.

Recently I stopped trading/looking at charts and began to think/research about the markets themselves.

(I may sound a bit "conspiracy theorist" but im just being honest about how I feel)

I have a feeling that most info online is a big con to fool and create herd mentality, engineered so that it is the uninformed newbies who become the liquidity in the markets.

So, I began to research and investigate and THINK by myself, and eventually, based on some ideas and thoughts I had, I came across this forum.

I still have a feeling im miles away, but either way here are some of my personal thoughts. I welcome an open discussion about this and more :)

Markets only go up and down. Only time goes sideways.

Markets are visually 2 dimensional, composed by Time and Price.

Markets never change. Only volatility does (speed, momentum..).

Price is at the same place on all timeframes. Time frames just frame price for us.

In order to profit with directional trading, we need momentum on our side to take us from A to B.

Candles, Bars, Renko, Range...all these simply do is visually frame price in different ways.

I believe certain maths can be applied to the markets (speed, acceleration, statistics based on type of candles used..), although im not sure if it is necesary...

Markets are nothing more than traders orders, flowing from one end to the other, which in turn, creates these visual frameworks (i.e. the bars you use..).

This is as far as ive gotten. Ive been reading some threads here and ive noticed in particular 2 members who seem to have figured out this business (ajaymein, xtremeforex).

Im sure there are many others (sorry if I havent noticed yet) but I would love to turn this thread into a nice place to share, grow and learn amongst each other.

Ive noticed how there is an emphasis on risk management and on zooming out on charts and how simple trading is but I feel theres something im missing still, not sure which way to look or at what.

I was once told that 90% traders range/trend trade and they are wrong.. :?:
Also a huge emphasis on risk management, but I dont think im clear on the exact definition of this.

Ive also heard how pros can trade without charts using certain data/info. This is something I keep thinking about. OHLC maybe? If so, from which TF?

I welcome any and all suggestions on topics/threads/info we can share and learn from.

Also want to say thanks to TRO. I havent read much of your stuff yet man, but im sure you speak truth.

Regards ? speed26

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Postby Relativity » Wed May 18, 2011 12:20 am

Signalbender thread seems to be what you are looking for. But a warning : its extremely long winded (even for me!)

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