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Re: DragonMM Mod Request

Postby TheRumpledOne » Sun May 17, 2020 8:57 pm


Here is my money management. The strategy I use to make a lot of money.
I know you guys buy and sell mini, micro, and maybe standard lots.

My platform is much easier. I already posted a few times my platform screen.

The only thing I have to do is push buy or sell, that's it. I can set SL and TP and that is all I can do.

If you have practiced whatever strategy, you have to do some calculations.
I am going to tell you my calculation for the TRO DYNAMIC SR strategy.
I am able to make a lot of trades in short times, I have shown you.
My average SL is 20 pip. I can NOT make (i believe in myself)10 losers in a row.
I take 10 times 20 pips is my max drawdown. That would be 200 pip.
Take that number and multiply by two=400.
Then you take your pip value. Let's take 1 euro (Eurozone). Now you have your starting money.

Start with 400 euros. When you lose 10 times in a row what I think is impossible, then you still have half of your money.

This is the best part. Every time you score 400 pip you raise your pip value with 1 and so on and on.
So you will be able to play with 10000 euros with a pip value of 50 euro.
If you can manage what I do you are able to make 25000 euro with just 500 pips.
I have shown you can do that in just a few days. It is not luck, you have to SEE what TRO learned me to SEE.

I know some people are talking about money management and the 2% rule.
I told you before if you know how to handle things and you have enough back up to believe in yourself you can create your own rules.
I mean trading must work for you if not keep practicing until you do.

This method is about in and out of the market as quickly as you can.
Other methods can't have my management rule because you will be wiped as quick as you start trading.
This is working for me. If you try it it is at your own risk.
The most important thing is that when you are losing: cut off asap.

This is how it will look in numbers and when you don't lose.
start 400 gain 400 pip value 1euro
800 400 2
1200 400 3
and so on.

About my SL. Most of it I trade without BUT I use a disaster and that is the one I set and is 50 pip.
But when the market is against you and the bigger picture is not right then I close my trade manual around -20 pip.
Always put a disaster SL because when you have whatever problem you can be wiped out very quickly.

Please do NOT PM me with trading or coding questions, post them in a thread.

Please add www.kreslik.com to your ad blocker white list.
Thank you for your support.

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Re: DragonMM Mod Request

Postby tuxman » Sat May 23, 2020 2:23 pm


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