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Postby euro99 » Sun May 27, 2007 11:48 am

well it hasn't crashed on me yet, so that is a good start (even with esignal which I regard as a somewhat painful feed). I am beginning to see the "trader logic" behind the design.

I'm a cynic. Essentially I believe that people either make money trading and, if they can't, a number of them turn to writing trading systems for others, offering tuition, selling "signal" systems and all the rest of the noise which we see every day. If you want to understand why there are few if any profitable methodologies available simply consider human nature - if you have something that works, why expend the extra effort publishing or explaining it for others?

I have to say that TRO and co. have somewhat challenged my view on this, but I'm not yet convinced (I'm a cynic, remember?)

The fact that neoticker is so seemingly difficult at first glance is a great encouragement in this respect. To me it appears to be the system that the successful trader would leave on the desk of the aspiring junior, warts and all with the invocation to "sort it out for himself". To me that appears to me as far as a successful trader is likely to go in being philanthropic.

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Postby snowblind » Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:40 am

Does NT offer real-time scanning for user-designed strategies? I picked up tradestation today and was shocked to see it doesn't offer any sort of market-scanning.

Am considering hiring a programmer to write my two simple strategies in NT.

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