TygerKrane's Pip-Pickpocketing

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Re: TygerKrane's Pip-Pickpocketing

Postby BambinoFlex » Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:01 am

TygerKrane wrote:
BambinoFlex wrote:You must be a Texan who moved to NY. Any who, howdy! Rat Trades and Wick Zones. Which one you want. They're both boring, but they'll make you money.

No, definitely fully New Yorker, lol
I was remembering an Alabama or Mississippi Youtuber who starts ALL her videos that way!

Rat Reversals off of daily Extremes, definitely not.
Wick Zones are definitely more doable, that and HOLO trades make more sense to me.

I am trying to get myself into more of a mindset for sticking with the daily trend and holding for multiple days. So these days, I am more about catching an entry and trading it INTO the Weekly Extreme, rather than just trying to find entries OFF OF the Weekly Extreme and riding it across the Weekly Open.

So how do you set your trading goals? What is your weekly or monthly percentage gain that you aim for?

lol!! The y’all threw me off #-o Nice, sounds like a great plan.

My goal is just to manage my losses and win as much as possible. I do this by just keeping my loss fixed at a dollar point and try to win as much as possible. Long term trading is good too, I’m still too fearful of price retraces but lately playing around with the SEMA is allowing me to see the retraces and continuations better. Mix with the knowledge I have of rat trades and I my goal is to maximize those pull backs with higher volume and same loss amounts.
Trading the TRO way

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“Taking 15 pips and resizing your trade is vastly more profitable than holding for 100, 1000, or even 10,000 pips.” - MO

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Re: TygerKrane's Pip-Pickpocketing

Postby appleaso » Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:29 am

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