Large images "stretching" the forum: FIX

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Large images "stretching" the forum: FIX

Postby bredin » Wed May 19, 2010 5:48 am

A lot of people find wide images irritating as they stretch the forum wider than their screens and you have to scroll sideways to see them....

So I went looking for a "hack" to fix this. there are a couple, but this one looks most useful and the code looks fine (its how I would have considered fixing the problem).

The Hack puts a scollbar under the POST that is too wide for the users screen so that only the offending posts have to be scrolled, and the rest are visible as normal: this from the phpbbhacks posting of this hack:

"You've probably seen some topics that have fallen victim to thread stretching. A post in the topic contains some content - perhaps an image, a long line of text, or a code block - that causes the page to widen beyond your browser's viewport. A horizontal scrollbar is added to your screen, and you have to scroll the page to read most of the posts.

No Thread Stretch is a solution for this problem. Using a combination of JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets, it will cause the posts that would stretch a thread to appear with scrollbars added to the post. Your page remains the same size, so scrolling to read a message is only needed for the offending message itself. "

It might be useful for the forum users who dont have wide screens, while not punishing those who do.

No Thread Stretch hack
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