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Postby Luischile » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:15 pm

I know every body is busy, busy... with the BUY ZONE strategy, but ihave to ask for help in this forgoten NORMALIZER indicator, because if the idea is to make 4 pips minimun every time a signal is given the normalizer is the right tool.
But to prove that I need the help to create an strategy to back test it.
Let say I have 4 indicators and all of them get to 0 then is time to buy long and if they hit 100 is time to sell short at that moment whithin the bar at the price of the hit.
Some times depending on the period there is an additional movement that I would like to optimize. For example in 1 minute charts it can be 5 pips but in 60 minutes charts is 40 pips, so if 100 is hit GBPUSD @ 1.9734 in a one minute chart I will sell short at 1.9739 (this portion goes with your currency... that is what I trade). That is why is important to have a way to input additional pips to OPTIMIZE while back testing.


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