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Postby jhtumblin » Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:41 pm

Despite Michal's thorough and very scientific research on the middlepoint statistics, I don't believe we ever arrived at a layman's answer to the issue of what is the likeliness and how much of a profit the equity or pair will provide when the price crosses the previous middle. (thanks for your work though michal)

This indicator currently only works on pairs with 4 decimal places since I haven't set up inputs for the decimals yet. Feel free to manually edit it to work with other pairs for now. You have to set additional bars to load to the number you want to analyze.

It's pretty self-explanatory but the header numbers correspond with the number of pips available for profit once the price crosses the middle. The no cross means just that, no cross occured. The Equal column shows the open price was equal to the previous mid. I think this will aid in our research of the middle indication.

Note: If TRO can pry my hands off of Wyckoff like this, I really think he's on to something big.
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