LeBeau/Chandelier stops

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LeBeau/Chandelier stops

Postby jeffx » Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:18 pm


Have you coded Lebeau/Chandelier stops, as part of your motherlode?

If not, interested in creating that indicator? I've searched high & low on TS forums trying to find a version that works, including here:

https://www.tradestation.com/Discussion ... selMatch=1

and here:

https://www.tradestation.com/Discussion ... selMatch=1

Can't get any of them to plot on my charts, followed all requirements/instructions in the threads, nothing.

Can't believe it's so difficult to find a working version of that indicator. I don't have Radar.

TIA for any help,


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LeBeau/Chandelier and other stops

Postby TomKeough » Sat Dec 16, 2006 2:00 pm

I don't have TradeStation 8.xx and I am interested in getting these stops translated into Delphi for NeoTicker.

As a first step, I would appreciate anyone's help in getting a text version of the attached .ELD files. If you would post them here or pm them to me, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


PS I have also attached a .pdf of the entire TradeStation forum discussion of the topic.
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TradeStation forum LeBeau Stops
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