How to convert the TRO PIP PROFIT Indicator for Stocks

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How to convert the TRO PIP PROFIT Indicator for Stocks

Postby sparky » Sun Oct 15, 2006 7:26 pm

I was told by TRO that the TRO PIP PROFIT INDICATOR could be easily customized to do the following for stocks. Unfortunately, my programming skills are somewhat lacking and therefore any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

What I am attempting is to get my radarscreen to do the following:

1) On the stocks that I trade, I generally have both long and short trigger entry levels. I would like one column for longs triggers and one column for short triggers. Also, I would like the columns to change colors depending upon how close price is to the trigger number. EG, so when price is within 10 cents of the long or short trigger price, the box turns yellow and when it reaches the long or short trigger price, the box turns either green for long or red for short. Another thing, since I have my long and short triggers in excel, I would like to be able to copy the long and short trigger columns and paste them into the corresponding radarscreen columns. Less work for me.

2) Secondly, I would like 3 additional columns next to the long/short trigger columns. One of the columns would have realtime P/L for the long/short that was triggered. The second and third column would show the maximum profit reached for the long or short trade. Sometimes, a long and short for the same stock can be triggered in one day. EG, I bought 10K SUNW at 4.00. It got as high as 4.25 before settling back to the 4.10 level. The P/l column would show current profit of $1,000 dollars and the max profit column would show $2,500 dollars.

I look forward to any suggestions. TJ
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