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Pivots assistance

Postby ewokuk » Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:31 pm


I've been trying to find a good pivot indicator to draw the lines in mt4 which also has 2 things, ability to ignore sunday data, and ability to set a time offset of some sort so that when using mt4 in my timezone i can enter a time offset of say -5 so that it bases itself on NY close for the calculations.

I found a good indicator (attached), which is almost there.

Pivot Points indicator shows the pivots for previous days all plotted as one line which looks great and also has time offset so they are based on the correct time. However it cant ignore sunday data so monday pivots are always screwed and the lines have no labels (which may not be possible drawing them this way over multiple days and isnt that big of an issue).

I had a go at getting to to skip sundays but couldnt get it to work. Is this something you can fiddle with to allow it to skip sundays and possible have labels on the current days lines? I know how much you love programming these indicators ;)
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