Make Sure your on the same page or you will be trading blind

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Make Sure your on the same page or you will be trading blind

Postby PoorBanks » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:32 pm

Triggers appear and traders make calls from what they are seeing, how ever you do not see what they see, why and what is the solution to this problem?

It?s quite simple you need to find out from the person making the call from whom did they download there charting from , here I?m talking about the MT4 ,because in brief study I have found that most MT4 brokers don?t use the US close and this dose make a differences.

For instance the one making the calls is using the US close but you are not, you will not see the same thing on your chart as him even if you have loaded all indicators exactly the same way as the one making the calls, you can see an example of this in the charts that I have posted the charts were printed at the same time as each other both using the M15 time frame all indicators were loaded the same way they are from two different brokers one uses the US close & the other dose not, you may have played this game that comes with your crossword puzzle it?s called spot the difference.

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