Indicator Modification

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Indicator Modification

Postby brownturtle » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:38 am

Hello all,
I was hoping somebody could modify an indicator, written by TRO for me
The indicator is the Better Volume 1.4
Basically i would like an audio alert to let me know when a Red Bar has just formed or a white Bar (both these bars indicate heavy volume in a bar.
thanks for your help in Advance
BetterVolume 1.4_TRO_MODIFIED_VERSION.mq4
(13.52 KiB) Downloaded 87 times
BetterVolume ChartBars part1 1.4.mq4
(4.94 KiB) Downloaded 101 times
BetterVolume ChartBars part2 1.4.mq4
(4.45 KiB) Downloaded 110 times

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