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DTB Rev 9

Postby jposey2 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:40 am

[font=Microsoft Sans Serif] [/font]I just got back from a long, long tour in the Middle East. I immediately found TRO's page & downloaded the DTB Rev9.
I read his instructions....and completely understood them....then started using the system profitably.

I have read all the questions asked in this forum regarding the DTB-9 and damn near went crazy trying to figure out why everyone is having so much trouble and misunderstanding of simple instructions....over and over again. Approx. 90% this section is questions and TRO's replies to simple instructional matters that were already posted.

TRO has done all the hard work...so why so many questions and wasting his time when he could be developing revisions or new EA's to help us all. (or having a beer on the beach).

When everyone downloads a new system, READ READ & READ some more before asking lofty questions. It confuses everyone not to mention it's just darn irritating. Read the whole section before posting and I bet you will find your answers before asking....and if your really that confused, you should take a long hard look at your goals in life and how you want to reach them. You first have to have a good knowledge of trading and some basic chart interpretation skills before diving into a swampy bog and realizing too late that your head is stuck in the mud.

That's just my two cents and it isn't worth the copper it's stamped on.....
Good Trading All :roll:

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