Vertex FX Expert Advisor - Virtual Trailing Stop

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Vertex FX Expert Advisor - Virtual Trailing Stop

Postby OmSaiTech111 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:51 am

Virtual Trailing Stop is a very powerful V T L Expert Advisor for Vertex F X trading system.

Virtual Trailing Stop is a powerful V T L Expert Advisor for VertexFX trading system which allow the trader to work with a virtual trailing rather than a physical one. This EA works in a different way than the traditional trailing stop, which keeps updating S L values and closes the orders.

The expert handles the trailing stop without actually updating the Stoploss and TakeProfit to the existing orders in the terminal. It hides all the order-closing parameters from the terminal.

When a trader do not want to share order closing details with any one in such circumstances this E A can help the trader to do so. The EA hide all S L, T P and Trailing stop values from everybody even from the broker so that they cannot misuse them.

The expert checks the Order open price against the user set Stoploss and TakeProfit and closes the orders accordingly.

Please make a Note this EA does not open/place any Buy or Sell Order.

It’s always advised to use any E A or Indicator on Demo account first and use it on live account after confirmation of the desired results of the E A or Indicator.

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Re: Vertex FX Expert Advisor - Virtual Trailing Stop

Postby TheRumpledOne » Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:42 pm

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