Vertex FX Expert Advisor Daily Break Point.

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Vertex FX Expert Advisor Daily Break Point.

Postby OmSaiTech111 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:41 pm

Daily Break Point is a powerful Client side VertexF X V T L expert advisor for VertexF X forex trading platform.
This E A works on the concept of Break out Theory.
The expert advisor first study the market conditions and identify if the trend is bullish or bearish and then execute at the new bar if the last bar has broken through the point that the trader has set through configurable parameter.
Breaking calculation is indicated by first bar of open day position with Break Point value that set in parameters.
With the help of close price of previous bar and Open price of previous bar it identify the trend.
When the close price of the previous bas is greater than open price at previous bar then it is considered as Bullish trend and if the close price at previous bas is less than open price at previous bar its considered as a Bearish trend.
If the bullish trend is there and if the current price break the break point price then the E A opens a Buy Order and if the Bearish trend is there and it break the break point price then the sell trade is opened.
Break point value can be set from configurable input parameter Break Point.
The opened orders can be closed with the help of Stop Loss and Take profit and trailing stop.
All these values can be set through the configurable inputs available in the E A.
Please make a Note it is strongly advisable to use each and every E A on demo account for some time and then put it with live account after confirmation. ... k-out.html
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