Vertex FX Expert Advisor Auto Stop.

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Vertex FX Expert Advisor Auto Stop.

Postby OmSaiTech111 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:10 pm

Auto Stop make it possible for trader to place many order in a very short time by adding the preset Take Profit and Stop Loss values to the opened


It could save much time for the trader when he want to work with a strategy that uses a predefined same distance values of Take Profit and Stop Loss

values in pips for all the orders in the selected currency pair.

Once the order is placed It automatically sets a pre set Take Profit and Stop Loss on all the orders that lacks the selected order closing mechanism.
The trader only need to open orders without having to calculate your stops and no matter how many orders you have opened the E A will set StopLoss

and Take profit as long as the E A has attached on the currency pairs chart.

For pending orders, the E A waits to get them active and open; then from that price it sets the Stop Loss and Take Profit using the distances the traders

had set on the E A through configurable Parameters of the E A.

Please make a Note that this E A does not place any buy or sell Orders and it is strongly advisable to use each and every E A on demo account for some

time and then put it with live account after confirmation. ... ostop.html
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