The 12 Trades of Christmas by DayTraderRockStar

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The 12 Trades of Christmas by DayTraderRockStar

Postby daytradingradio » Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:18 pm


The 12 Trades of Christmas:

For the next 12 days leading up to Christmas I will outline and post Pure HPS (High Probability Setups) one being released each day. The buy Triggers Profits and stops will be outlined. I will also be taking most if not all of the trades either as a scalp or overnight swing.

So Starting tonight it really was a toss up between NEM and VZ. NEM I had more or a gut feeling for but technically there is not much to be bullish about. The VZ on the other hand has multiple positives that are converging all in this price zone. I feel any weakness tomorrow will be the best opportunity in VZ.

I am really warming up to the gold trade and NEM will give a clear sign if it hold today's lows, It has pull back hard, but recovered a lot of that. So much as to watch for some follow through tomorrow.

VZ long is the First Trade of Christmas

The Second in a series of 12 stocks leading up to Christmas. These are pure HPS set ups and I will personally take each set up when and if it triggers. You can follow along on live everyday from 8;00am-4;00pm et

Remember this is a buy on a break above 23.50


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