OILFXPRO's 3,000 pips a year cable breakouts

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OILFXPRO's 3,000 pips a year cable breakouts

Postby OILFXPRO » Wed May 14, 2008 7:33 pm


The quad core breakout starategy makes 3,000 pips a year on cable.It made 10972 pips from 1/7/ 2004 to 4/01/2008

results are posted here because file is too big for kreslik upload.

The above were backtests ,we are now coducting forward tests.It is a single rxpert advisor making on average 3,000 pips a year or over 10,500 pips over 3.5 years.

Drawdown is 2,000 pips and drawdown to reward over 3 years ratio is 4.5 (9,000 pips /2,000)

It trades four breakout ranges on cable.It is an extension of the cable breakout system which uses one breakout time period.It uses many advanced features



Determine the 08.45 CET ? 9.45 CET High Low GBP/USD .Determine 3 other breakout ranges

Set BuyStop at High + 10 pips and SellStop at Low - 10 pips

Set StopLoss at entry - 80 pips for GBP/USD. If the other side of the breakout is within 80 pips for GBP/USD then the StopLoss will be that level (Longtrade: SL = Low range - 10 pips = SellStop; Shorttrade: SL = High range + 10 pips = BuyStop)

Minimum channel and stop loss.: If the buy/sell entry zone line (which includes the 10 pips entry distance on both sides) is less than 25 pips, then both zones need to be offset to make this range a 25 pip range. .The stop loss on the minimum channel is 25 pips.

If a certain position is taken and price turns agains you and it breaks the other side of the breakout channel then turn. If the breakout channel is broader then the stoploss first the stoploss will be hit. If the breakout channel is narrower then the stoploss then hitting the other side means that you have to turn your position. No new trades can be added after 18.00 C E T.

If one exits a position then the next position has to be in the opposite direction...........there is no rentry allowed until after a position is taken in the opposite direction.


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