Carry Trade NZD/JPY

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Carry Trade NZD/JPY

Postby pjimmyinahouse » Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:37 pm

Hi all,

The idea is always buy on a pair with positive swap. As positions turn against you average down.
No need to go into too much detail with the carry trade strategy as its all been posted before:

Was wondering if anyone uses this type of system with EFX?
The obvious pair to try would be NZD/JPY as the buy premium is the best (I think). It pays around $14.50 per standard pip.

Dangers of using something like this will be large draw-downs so MM would be critical to sucess.

Your thoughts and observations are welcome.
I have very little live trading experience so don't want to give a subjective opinion if I can help it.


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