Breakout strategies failures

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Breakout strategies failures

Postby hermes » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:33 am

There are many breakout strategies lately on the FX market but mostly unsuccessful. Strategies like London Open, London Rush, Millionaire, One Minute system and so on?
Do you wonder why they don?t work like before? Because they got public! Wall Street and mighty financial institutions are observing the trading market like hawks! Every new system, strategy or robot is analyzed by them and made immediate contra measurements. They have learned those espionage procedures from online casinos. Casinos and Wall Street pay daily people for visiting every gambling and stock / FX trading forums for ?news?.
Wall Street and financial institutions are here to make money, and they are not charity organizations.
As you can see on the gif?s that very Asian session is now tricked to be difficult to trade the breakouts with the systems. The market maker?s trickery is called false breakouts, the sisters of non-sense spikes.
They chase the buy/sell entries like piece of cake. Make the trading indices uncertain like puzzle.
Successful strategies, systems or robot should be never sold publicly to protect efficiency of the secret.
Good example is the new Freedom Formula sold for $1,900. The guy swears that he made 34 million with it and still selling it to public! Is there greed involved? If you will have a system which will make you 34 millions would you sell it to public or trade it and be afraid of to be exposed? Common sense say keep it secret and trade it! Winning trading system is a treasure to keep secret.
Another dump example is the Kishore?s teaching. He knows what currency pair to trade every month of the year and benefited from it. Now he is selling it to public! The financial mafia will put a trap by changing the currency ranks to make the traders and also big mouth Kishore losers.
The more people trade publicly winning strategies the faster will the Wall Street make contra measurements and make the systems to nil! They have the tools, they have the power!!!
Learning from those mistakes tells us to keep all good systems, strategies or holy grails (if some exist?) secret like ancient secret societies did to stay alive.

The 3rd Breakout Treading strategy (keep it secret, it is only for you!)
I gathered many breakout and spike trading strategies, some of them really smart but not working anymore. The problem as I mentioned above is the espionage of the Wall Street and financial institutions on stock/fx systems sellers. If they know what we are doing it is easy for them to change the rules and procedures to put any successful ideas to garbage. Therefore, the only strategy would be keeping all successful ideas secret, secret, secret!!!
The strategy to trade the London Open successfully is to put buy/sell orders exactly on Asian session channel boundary, no one pip else! Put the TP 10 pips on both sides. Put the stoploss in the middle of the channel. After cashing 10 pips on both sides put a new order (sell/buy) in the direction of the trend and again on the boundary of the Asian channel and wait for the big fish! The 3rd breakout is that one which pays. After +20 pips make it breakeven and then trail it or watch closely for round numbers and support / resistance areas.
This strategy will work until Wall Street sends me a reward. Then I know, they know it too, and that?s the end.
Look closely the gif?s how the trade after trade market maker?s strategy repeats. Repeats are exploitable!
Cheers Hermes

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