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Postby Ali Son » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:49 pm

Ouch...from 13%--> 5%.

Let us know 4x=0 if you achieve the kind of consistency you are talking about in the New Year.

BTW, why does 4x=0?

4x=0 wrote:Maybe it's not so much what I know, but how much time I have to compound.

Using the 4% per pair/month sheet we focus on attaining the 16% per month and after 5 years, turn $1,000 into 7.3 million. It's not magic, it's compounding! It is making 4% on each major currency pair, one time per month, for 5 years. How much will you be risking on a trade in year 4? Well if you use risk management, which I do use with forex it would be 3% of the 48 mo. future value of $1000 with interest of 16% per month, so $37,248 per trade, one time per month per major. I would crunch the number for a 25 year period but I don't understand scientific notation.

October I swung my account up 13% or so, and then back down to 5% so I still have things to work on and until I become much more consistent, I need to keep an eye on reality. Thanks for all that encouragement! Let us now say a prayer for our good health and for the 4% money management sheet. :smt111 :smt095

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Postby Bruno » Tue Dec 25, 2007 10:23 pm

4x if you will be happy with target of 2-3 pips every single day, you still have the opportunity of letting your profit run on the longer move. You can easily make double your daily target on 4, 6, 8...pips. Do not waste your time and make smaller your trading interval, reduce stop size and commissions. Only one fact is sure - you are loosing time every second of your life. What you will do with all your millions if you will be very old man? Happy Hollidays my friend

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