Another top notch season

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Another top notch season

Postby lion09 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:57 am

Another top notch season
I got Season 3 DVD, and ate all in one week. OMG, that a great show and what an incredible season. True blood DVD
In the third season, the characters are more real and more complex. Of course, this means that sometimes the scenes were difficult to see, House MD DVD even painful at times, but full of emotion. You can love people, but not always like them or what they do ... and the truth of the characters.
Sookie is just beginning to come into it, not just as a person but an understanding of who she is and where its power lies. Two and a Half Men DVD Vampires are both more alien to our sensibility, and yet strangely more understandable at the same time. Jason begins to grow (finally) and Tara ... Poor Tara has gone to hell and back and is stronger for it, even if it can not admit even to themselves.
My only complaint is that I was so down in the lap out of the water kept hitting me. Given that the supernatural aspects came more slowly in the first season, now we're pretty covered with werewolves and witches ... and more, and none is all good or all bad.
What is to say that this show has created some memorable characters that we can grow with love and yet not always. Which makes them even more real. The show is not depleted and it is not easy and it is not always easy to see. This season is a clear example of this. Cold Case DVDIt's fascinating and disturbing and made me laugh and cry and I shake my head and, most importantly, it made me feel. How many TV shows can do anything these days?
Thanks to HBO, and ... more more more, thanks! I recommend this series for those who want a good TV and loves to fall in love with a rich and complex character.

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