how to set up your private club or post into an existing one

Every forum member can set up his own private club. For access to a private club, ask the appropriate club's moderator. If you want to create your own private club, contact the administrator.

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how to set up your private club or post into an existing one

Postby michal.kreslik » Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:01 pm

Hello, friends,

any forum member can set up his/her own private club. What is a private club? Private club is simply a special forum where only the forum members, authorized by a private club moderator, can read and post new topics and/or messages. Every private club has got its own moderator/owner.

If a forum member wants to view the messages or post into the private club forum, he needs to contact the private club's moderator to be granted the access first.

If you want to set up your own private club & become a private club moderator and you have posted at least 50 messages here on the forums, contact the administrator. Please consider setting up private clubs only for matters that don't lend themselves for plain public discussion well. If your issue is not of this sort, discussing it in some public forum at can actually help you gain more attention or get answers to your questions. Keep in mind that topics discussed within the confines of your private club won't get neither attention nor support of the forum members majority.

As a private club moderator and owner, you select which other forum members have access to your private club. By default, no users can access your private club.

A private club moderator adds new members to his private club by
  1. going to the "Usergroups" page (in the main menu under the top banner)
  2. under "Group Membership Details" you choose the group you wish to add the new member to and click "View Information"
  3. then fill in the new member's username and hit "Add Member"
  4. you can repeat the last step for every new user you wish to add to your private club
A private club moderator removes members from his private club by going thru steps 1 and 2 above and then checking the forum members he wants to strip of the private club membership and hitting the "Remove Selected" button.


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