Easy-Markets New & Innovative No Loss Feature

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Easy-Markets New & Innovative No Loss Feature

Postby descaboy » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:55 am


Maybe Forex trading is on the way for tremendous changes. We all know that some broker offer insured account to let you recover a part of your money if you have been stopped out.

Now Easy-Markets is introducing a new concept to the Forex world, the "Money Back". Since a few weeks Easy-Markets has introduced a new feature called: DealCancellation. This feature let you cancel a losing trade within an hour after taken the trade and get your money back. Even if the trade is already closed, you can still cancel it and get your money back.

This is quite an interesting feature that could help novice traders getting they feet wet in the Forex world with more confidence since they will control better their loss with this feature.

Maybe in the near feature we could reverse that stats that say 95% of traders are losing money. Because if you can now cancel a losing trade, we can improve our win ratio. That's quite interesting.

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