Dear, The Rumpled One,

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Dear, The Rumpled One,

Postby andimagine » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:11 pm

Dear, The Rumpled One,
I first saw your name and your post allmost 2 years ago, and till today i personally use some of your indicators which i collected at free from various forums now those posts were moved, as u said they banned you, BUT one thing i have to say : You are really great and really good person, it's not because you giving free indicators it's because you are different among us. I do reading this forum and you own blog regularly, i posted almost same writeup there in your blog as comment and waiting for moderation. and today i am posting my first reply directly to you:
Here May be the one and only forum which is inviting you to join and start your posting, i promise this forum will never ban you, Yes Man, come to my newly created forum named PIPCITY, and i need guys like you. Just one kind request please do avoid broker review, and please do not post there that X Y Z banned you, 'coz new guys there may take it as wrong about that, without knowing the original fact which we people know who reads your blog regularly.

My forum is so new so google couldn't bring you at this days, so here the link below

its my forum and you are welcome to PIP CITY. So See you there soon.
Take my love and respect.
Love you, bye.

Please don't think this post as a free way of advertisement, my forum is a just a newly born baby and in respect of this/other forums, my PipCity forum is nothing but a foolish poster, which placed in public restroom, so don't think me wrong, it will be my pleasure if guys like you come there and show some light among us who still in dark cave.

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Thank you for your support.

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