Neuro Net 5.23

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Neuro Net 5.23

Postby nkoehne » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:09 pm

Hello fellow forex traders,

I wanted to introduce all of you to the latest version of my automated system, Neuro Net version 5.23. Over the years we have managed to push drawdown even lower, add more pairs to our support base, and increase our risk to reward ratios.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

? Designed and developed by a professional A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) programmer and FOREX trader.

? Neuro Net has native support for 31 currency pairs.

? Works with any broker supporting MetaTrader 4.0.

? Neuro Net has been used by professional and beginner traders alike since 2007.

? Fully automatic order execution with superior money management capabilities.

? NFA Rule 2-43 comliant for US based brokers and also has the ability to enable hedging for foreign brokers.

? Easy to use out of the box setup, just set your acceptable risk percent and go! Or for experienced traders each of Neuro Net's order handling capabilities are fully configurable to fine tune to your style of trading.

? Free live support available 7 days a week with free software updates. Whether you are 25 or 65 we will help you get started.


The following are a list of features that have been included in Neuro Net 5.23.

The Neural Network:

Neuro Net 5.23 now utilizes 6 separate Neural Networks. One each for 6 time-frames. Each Neural Network consists of 4 perceptron layers for data quantification and an overall trend weight for each direction is established through comparing results of these networks with 6 perceptron layers for fine tuning the weight scaling. In total Neuro Net 5.23 utilizes 30 perceptron layers for trend detection.

Trade Entries:

Once the pair is trending in a particular direction and the entry threshold has been reached; Neuro Net will then compare trending against <B>Bill Williams Chaos Theory</B> entry criteria to help confirm the trend direction. The first trade is always issued at the minimum lot size for that broker. This is a test trade. If your maximum orders are set to greater than 1 and the first trade has reached a profit then a second trade will be issued at the full available lot size for the trend as long as the pair is still trending in that direction. It will then follow this pattern up until the maximum orders are reached. If your maximum orders are set at only 1 then the first trade will be issued at the minimum lot size for the broker and if that trade is closed for a profit and the pair is still trending in that direction then the full lot size will be used for each subsequent trade.

Trade Exits:

Neuro Net 5.23 utilizes various methods for exiting trades.

At the first level if the trend strength reverses and falls below it's respective Strength Percent then Neuro Net will exit it's open positions in that direction to maximize profit or minimize loss to a few pips on a trend reversal. This accounts for current market volatility.

At the second level Neuro Net maintains a trailing stop loss for all orders opened by Neuro Net that is user definable. In a rapid trend reversal this allows Neuro Net to exit an order at a partial loss for a minimum amount of pips in a large swing if Neuro Net cannot directly close the orders fast enough in the event of a trend reversal.

And finally at the third level Neuro Net utilizes a stop-loss issued on every order it opens. This is in the event that a price drops by in excess of 100 points in a fraction of a second that the stop-loss can catch the order at a fractional loss versus taking the full brunt of the pair price fall.

As additional option users now have the ability to set a TakeProfit level for the orders issued.

Trade Hedging:

Once a trend reversal has occurred Neuro Net has the capability to follow the strength of the trend reversal and to strategically open orders against the old trend to trade the down-swing for profit.

Risk Percent Calculation:

Neuro Net's Risk Percent Calculations have been enhanced with override features that allow users to specify their own StopLoss, Trailing Stop Loss, Maximum Number of Orders allowed to be placed by Neuro Net and the Lot size that Neuro Net uses for trades. Or users can simply set their Maximum Risk Percent to have all of these values calculated dynamically based upon their current account size and currency pair being traded while maintaining a maximum risk for open orders placed by Neuro Net on the market.


No optimization is required for Neuro Net 5.23. So users will no longer have to worry about an automatic optimization being performed on a secondary client or manual optimizations. Neuro Net 5.23 utilizes active trend recognition and period comparison for the most accurate level of trend detection to date within a Neuro Net product.

Error Checking:

Neuro Net can detect the following errors and recommend corrections:

If Expert Advisors are disabled.
If Allow Live Trading is disabled.
If DLL Imports are disallowed.

Multiple Currency Pair Support:

Neuro Net 5.23 has native support for over 31 currency pairs.

Spread Protection:

Neuro Net 5.23 spread protection that prevents trading when spreads exceed a user definable value.

Other Features:

?Expert Advisor Interoperability: Neuro Net now has a unique identification number for all orders it opens so that it will only manage trades it has issued.

?Added ability to set custom order comment for orders issued by Neuro Net or have it issue no comment for orders opened by Neuro Net.

?Added ability to disable/enable trading for any day of the week. For example you can prohibit Neuro Net from trading on Sunday open or Friday close.

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