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Re: puppies pen

Postby kiwiarian » Thu Jun 06, 2024 7:15 pm

These are the rules I wrote last night for myself
FOCUS ON THE PROCESS, not the outcome
would the boss like this trade
Need to think about sticking to rules will give better life experiences, process matters, being impulsive wont.
consistent size is really important. Your losses will be easier to take as well.
respect /trust MA crossover for holding and close out
consider the next time frame or 2 above to help with being less impulsiveness.
We need to forget about passing or meeting money targets.
Are we trading according to our rules, that is the outcome we want.
Maybe change our mindset a bit to we want to keep the account alive. We have the account when we paid for it, we own it, we have already got it. lets trade to our own targets now of keeping it alive, not their money pressure target. Money will come later. We will get paid at xmas time if we can keep this account alive.

position size on what you want to lose* from Michael Martin

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