Reprogram your mind for making money trading - Accountability partner(s)

psychology is the key to success in trading. are you match tough?

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Reprogram your mind for making money trading - Accountability partner(s)

Postby warrenj0077 » Sun Sep 26, 2021 1:31 am

Hello fellow traders, 
I'm looking for someone who understands or at least believes that success in trading for living has a little to do with a system, but mostly to do with mindset. 

If you have a live account trading experience, can day trade live during Asian or/and first half of the EU session and are willing to take the leap into discovering what's stopping you from making money trading and are willing to work every day on reprogramming your mind, please keep reading…

I have done a lot of research over the last year about what's really stopping me from making a lot of money, because my system, developed over the last 3 years by watching and understanding market behaviors and correlations, is not responsible for it. :)

I found that everything is inside my mind. Van K. Tharp in his book Trade your way to financial freedom wrote: 
“You do not trade the markets, you trade your beliefs about the markets."
I would add to it that you trade also your beliefs about money in general, you trade your beliefs about your self-worth, about life, about your deservingness, about rich people etc. (do your own research about how your "Limiting beliefs" shapes your life)
On top of that you also trade your past money traumas and stuck emotions from the past events like fear, shame, embarrassment, anger, guilt, aloneness etc. The more you get rid of the rubbish you accumulated over the years, the better you will feel, the better human being you will become and the better you will trade. :)

So I'm giving a few examples of: 

Some financial and other traumas which can significantly affect your whole life including trading:
- You lost some money in the past
- You lost someone close to you in the past
- You were born by c-section being alone parted from your mother, left in an incubator for long time - seriously, this trauma can negatively affect your whole life if you won't get rid of it
- Any physical or mental abuse
- Money were stolen from you
- Debting (house mortgage is usually no problem)
- You wasted money
- You made a mistake and lost some money
- Etc. 

Limiting beliefs (usually acquired during childhood from family members, teachers etc. + beliefs formed after trading experience):
- Money is the root of all evil
- Money doesn't grow on trees
- Making money is hard
- I don't deserve to be rich, successful etc.
- I am not worthy (of success) etc.
- Rich people are bad and greedy
- I have to work hard to make money
- Trading is hard
- Making money trading is hard

Stuck emotions: 
- Shame of losing money in the past
- Fear of losing money trading
- Fear of change
- Fear of change your identity
- Fear of change from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset
- Anger at yourself for your past failures or bad things you have done, or you think it was bad
- Anger at other people who have done something bad to you or you think it was bad
- For the spiritual people: anger at God, Universe…
- And many more…

I believe that the main reason why so many traders are looking for winning systems, trading alerts, automatic trading systems etc., is they want to avoid as much as possible to deal with their mindset, to take the responsibility for their own trading and handling their emotions. If you have to trade your own system you are "on your own" and it's all your responsibility if you lose, no one to blame plus the fear of uncertainty - basically the whole programming kicks in and people suffer when trading, feeling fear, being anxious and make insane trading decisions which will eventually wipe out their accounts or they wake up early enough that there is still something left to take back into their lives.  

Basically many traders try to trade and once they go live, they absorb any negative emotions when they have a losing trade and also when the market goes against their SL and they feel anxious. If they have quite a sensitive personality or the money they are trading is important for them, they will experience a small money trauma with every losing trade. Once many small traumas stack up and it's too much for the mind to take, they quit and unless the accumulated emotions are released through some mind work using some healing techniques, they will never get back to trading again. It's very natural behavior because the human mind wants to avoid pain experienced in the past. 
They usually end up saying something like: Trading is not for me, I was not made for trading, trading is hard, only people with a big capital can make money trading, etc. 

My friend who never worked for anyone, first made money from playing poker online and now being 10+ years full time trader told me that he estimates that only about 1% of traders can actually make money long term and make it their only income. 
Many people can make money trading on paper, but once the money is real and the mind kicks in, it's a totally different ball game. 

There are more than 1% of people who can actually make money trading, but once they reach some amount of profit their mindset (deserving set point, etc.) is not compatible with, they will give it back to the market.

We have to do something differently than the mainstream approach to trading is if we want to enter the elite. Doing what everyone is doing never leads to anything spectacular. ;)

If you still think that I'm sane :) and what I'm writing about is sane and worth exploring and would be willing to spend at least an hour a day doing the mind work and would be willing to share with me your progress daily through messenger and have a video call once a week or so, please send me a PM or if you want to ask anything first, please reply here. 
I have been doing my daily reprogramming using 2 healing techniques for the last 3 months + for the last 2 weeks I'm focusing on money and trading and I can see really nice changes in my life already. I'm happy to share everything I learned if you are really serious and willing to deal with your own past. If you are a spiritual person or have some experience with meditations or handling your emotions, it's gonna be easier to start. :) 

Also, there is an identity factor that will kick in when you start your reprogramming journey and try to make a major shift in your life. You will experience resistance to keep doing the mind work, but I know techniques on how to deal with it and that's another reason for the accountability partnership. :)

Looking forward to your replies.

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