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Multiple data feeds

Postby brwkem » Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:09 pm

Copied from ET thread


Can two seperate feeds be used with Neoticker?

Tickquest supplied for eminis and esignal for equities?

thanks for the help.

1. Yes and no.

There is a way to feed secondary data into NeoTicker through the external user define symbol mechanism. And data from brokerage is already feeded into NeoTicker even if you are using a separate data vendor.

No is that we do not provide the direct setup to access these data yet. The goal is to have both data vendor data and brokerage feed data integrated into NeoTicker in a more seamless way.

2. Since NeoTicker can switch datafeed easily, one of the more common combination is using NeoTicker with MB or IB in real-time, and then switch to a end of day data service (e.g. eSignal end of day, IQFeed delay, etc.) to download extra data in after market hours.

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Postby michal.kreslik » Mon Aug 07, 2006 9:51 pm

brwkem, quite astonishing, I have posted the very same question to the NeoTicker forums today:

michal.kreslik wrote:Hello, is it possible to have more than one data feed available in Neo at the same time?

I would like to monitor price arbitrage opportunities between several FOREX brokers.

The reply I got:

Support Team wrote:Current version of NeoTicker do not have support for multiple real-time data source, please post this as a suggestion.

So I posted that as a suggestion.

Now what's unbelievable:

for every question I posted on the NeoTicker forum I always received a clear and concise answer from the competent TQ person in a very short time!

Tradestation support boys are really no match for the TQ heroes!! :)

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