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Re: Aliassmith Psychology 101 and other stuff

Postby aliassmith » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:34 pm

pablo101 wrote:
aliassmith wrote:
pablo101 wrote:Necroing this pretty thread, hope this is ok, because my question MAY BE about head stuff not technical, and also not just a question to Alias, I want to see if anyone else have this issue.

I made my 100th trade yesterday, it's certainly looking rosy.

Looking at my trades, around 70% were short and 30% were long (may be because of recent HTF bias) BUT, 90% of my 70% were winners, but I only won 50% of my longs.

Also, when I took long trades, I never felt comfortable, I always second guessed myself even my setups for longs and shorts are the same. This feeling just wasn't from the last 6 months of trading but I had issues trading longs 10 years ago before I stepped away from trading.

Does anyone else have this strange phenomenon?

Do you have an inbuilt bias in a certain direction?

Does market behaviour show shorts trades are "faster", and longs are slower?

If this is a head thing, how to overcome?

Does that mean that TRO is correct, and to just choose to be a red rat or green! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It can be a good practice to not get whipsawed.

As for your stats you might know more after another 100 trades.
**Maybe the market has a hidden bias during that period
**Maybe the issue is your issue with longs and you don't play them the same subconsciously

Thanks Alias,

"It can be a good practice to not get whipsawed."

Are you saying longs in recent days/months, there's a higher chance whipsaws because that's the market conditions then?

No, I was just saying if someone only goes long they can't get stopped out of a long trade then reverse short and get stopped again. Limits your options to do dumb things.
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