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Re: ProchargedMopar's Trading Trilogy

Postby BambinoFlex » Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:15 pm

prochargedmopar wrote:
TheRumpledOne wrote:Hey Pro... thought you were coming to the PalTalk TWO PERCENT CLUB!!

Waiting for you...

I’m suppose to work 2-12a
More recently been working 2-2 or 3-3a.
All times central.

I Normally set my alarm for 9a but lately been sleeping till 10a.

Current plan is to “retire” Jan. 1st 2020 (50 yrs old) even if I have to collect cans for spending cash. lol
My wife is cool with it as long as I buy a small camper first that we can use for traveling.

Looking to pay between 5 to 7k.

Plenty of time for Pal Talking then. :-)

My Dad has been retired for 6 yrs already and will be 75 when I quit working. Want to spend more time with both our parents before they all transpire.

If I work till 59 or 62 everyone will be dead. lol

Were you able to retire Pro
Trading the TRO way

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