Adventures In VPS Land

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Adventures In VPS Land

Postby Techguy » Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:07 pm

Conclusion First:
These are strictly my personal opinions, and my conclusions may not be correct...
Don't bother trying to set up a VPS on the Azure platform with the inexpensive options.
Maybe if you spend more it gets significantly better ...

I was asked to review and run an EA on FF by someone, so I went shopping for a VPS.

I tried the Azure virtual machine (VM) platform, installing an instance of Windows 10 with a Virtual CPU and 1G of RAM. (Weak I know, ... I am a cheapskate.)

My experience:
The remote desktop connection was very slow. I could feel my beard grow waiting for a mouse action to complete.
The VM instance was as slow as my grandmother running a marathon in a body cast.
The dashboard was unintuitive.
There was no real indication on what final monthly costs could be.
Shutdown, after hours of fiddling with it, installing Dropbox, and trying to install an instance of MT4, basically wasted my afternoon.

I finally deleted the VM instance, deleted the drive connection, removed all resources and canceled the free trial subscription.

Let me know if you have a better experience. Maybe I wasn't holding my jaw right to maximize the speed. (Old TV antenna joke - lol)

If you have a favorite VPS provider, do share.
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Re: Adventures In VPS Land

Postby joshuayip » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:41 am

Windows VM are generally more expensive than linux. I have a VMwith ssdnodes running mt4 on Ubuntu / Linux which cost me USD100 per year. It's got 4 cores and 24GB RAM with NVme storage (better than SSD) and works pretty well! But with Linux, you cant be choosy with the cosmetics. However it can run your EA 24/7 :)

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