lukx zline trading log + cfabian p.35 + adaseb p.48

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Re: lukx zline trading log + cfabian p.35 + adaseb p.48

Postby LeMercenaire » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:57 pm

Mr. Hyde wrote:
LeMercenaire wrote:
Mr. Hyde wrote:
I've been loving S+D, using the tips you offered me. And have been tracking DWZ style and see that I like it a lot and Im thinking about adding it to my trading. Still want to test it a little more but then it should be good to go. Still need to find the indy so I don't have to eyeball it anymore.

TRO has his version of the DWZ.

There's also this variant:

I have been running tests to see if I can identify which pairs are perhaps more suited to the kind of movement that suits DWZ best. I've narrowed it down and once I'm happy with the list (which will obviously change over time anyway), I will let you know.

:D You are to nice.

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