Need help for little programming, an indicator extension

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Need help for little programming, an indicator extension

Postby HeftiFX » Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:08 pm


i got an indicator which reflects the equity and balance, of the current curreny or total account. This indicator is not made by me, but i like it very much. you can find that indicator attached.

This is my request:

i have seen some screenshots where a sort of dashboard was swohn with several information. I would like to have such dashboard with the following information:

total closed lot
total lot open
total direction (means asssuming i am 2 lot short and 1 lot long, it should give a value of "-1 lot")
"Total B/E" or "Cross B/E" a simple text which tells me if the current B/E (balance/equity) is from total account or just a single curreny.

this dashboard should be near the uppe rigfht corner of the indicator and if possible "total closed lot" and total lot open" should be sensitive to the switch "cursymbolonly"

could some one add such dashboard to my indicator?

I appreciate your input and ideas and thank you in advance in case you do this valuable work. And the result should be a great aid for all multi position traders.

greetings mathias
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