Uphold Integrates with Bittrex to Support Voxel Trading

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Uphold Integrates with Bittrex to Support Voxel Trading

Postby kreslik.news » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:25 pm

Cloud money platform, Uphold, has partnered with Bittrex allowing real-time market pricing for its members to convert Voxel, Litecoin and Ethereum into a wide range of fiat currencies, including the US dollar, Euro, Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, Japanese yen and British pound, as well as precious metals, including gold and silver. Uphold already has a long-standing integration with the global bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp.

“We are proud to provide the widest array of options to buy, hold, trade and convert seamlessly among multiple asset classes and soon these additional cryptocurrencies,” said Anthony Watson, President and CEO of Uphold.

Voxelus Uphold Connection

Uphold was the ... (read more)

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