UK Boiler-Room Fraudster Jailed After Swindling Nearly £1M

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UK Boiler-Room Fraudster Jailed After Swindling Nearly £1M

Postby » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:06 pm

Following an investigation led by the City of London’s police unit, after a number of complaint’s surfaced from victims, Joseph Emery plead guilty to fraud by false representation, related to 950,000 GBP that he illegally solicited and subsequently swindled from investors.

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The fraudster, aged 32, was imprisoned this week following the plea, and after a nearly yearlong investigation following his arrest in February of 2015.

Investment products via EM Trade Capital LTD offering were bogus

Emery masqueraded investors by purporting to offer carbon credit contracts and ... (read more)

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