Successful Traders “Jump Around Where It’s Hot”

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Successful Traders “Jump Around Where It’s Hot”

Postby » Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:05 pm

Traders are doing more “extreme things” to make money, as agility trumps the race-to-zero in moving between products and asset classes, said panellists at a recent FOW conference.

“The successful guys seem to be able to jump around to where it’s hot,” said Mark Phelps, Global Head of Sales at GH Financials. The clearing provider connects to some 30 exchanges, representing thousands of products. “If you’ve got the energy to look around, you may find something that is doing 30, 40 thousand (lots) a day.”
…commodities is a random walk.

He pointed to the Euronext Milling Wheat contract as a case ... (read more)

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