Stocks Fall Thanks to Fed – What Investors Don’t See

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Stocks Fall Thanks to Fed – What Investors Don’t See

Postby » Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:51 am


Stoxx Europe 600 lost all its gains and decreased further to 1.22% as banking shares continued their bearish trend, and a further bearish push was given by the shrinking EU surplus data in January.

The S&P opened today with a 3.98% loss but managed to gain 0.56% later today. Furthermore, shares of eurozone exporters also decreased, because the increase in the euro reduced the competitiveness of companies who repatriate earnings overseas.

At Wednesday’s Fed meeting, according to the median of 17 officials, the projection showed expectations of the Federal Reserve’s rate to increase up to 0.875% by the end of this ... (read more)

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