BitCoinIRA Debuts Bitcoin Investments for Retirement Accounts

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BitCoinIRA Debuts Bitcoin Investments for Retirement Accounts

Postby » Mon May 16, 2016 1:58 pm

BitcoinIRA, a service that offers bitcoin investing for American individual retirement accounts (IRAs),was officially launched today in California. The firm establishes its credibility in a market known for security issues by having Edmund C. Moy, the former Director of the United States Mint, serve as its Chief Strategist.

Moy says: “Bitcoin is unique in that it’s a completely decentralized currency. Thanks to its truly global nature, it has a lower risk of collapse than more traditional investment assets, which depend on the strength of the dollar. I’m thrilled to be working with BitCoinIRA at the forefront of this exciting new market.”

[b][i]The new world ... (read more)

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