What happened to our 1/2 price purchase of Grid Optimizer?

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What happened to our 1/2 price purchase of Grid Optimizer?

Postby Han » Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:38 pm

I wrote Tickquest asking how the current 1/2 price ($400) discount for anyone affects our group negotiated agreement to buy the Grid Optimizer at 1/2 price, which ends Dec. 15, tomorrow. Here was their answer:

"GO was not released at the time the special Kreslik NT discount was offered.
The current special for GO is offered to those who already purchased NT.
There is no other GO special price for users who purchased NT.


Support "

That would mean if we don't buy it tomorrow at our negotiated price it will cost us $800 thereafter. Am I wrong in understanding that we negotiated a 1/2 price purchase that was not time delimited? I had another discount purchase I could have participated in through WaveRunner but chose this one because of the GO 1/2 price arrangement, which I understand I can exercise when I am prepared to budget it and use it, which is not tomorrow. If my understanding is correct I would ask others of you who received the group terms to also contact NeoTicker and appeal the Dec. 15 deadline, which is available to any NeoTicker user.

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Postby michal.kreslik » Fri Dec 15, 2006 3:17 pm

Hello, Han,

the GO price discount has never been said to be unlimited for the kreslik.com discount participants - at least I have never heard any such information.

If someone from Tickquest did tell you that the discount was unlimited for you, then I suggest insisting on it and communicating directly with that person at Tickquest.

Personally, I've purchased the Grid optimizer today for the $400 discounted price.


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