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FPI indicator for MT4

Postby oneprint1 » Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:42 am

hi everyone!

i have been following this topic and i wonder if anyone can help me. i have checked out all the FPI indicators for metatrader 4 and there seems to be a problem.

The problem is that when i put the FPI indicator on the chart the values change when the chart changes! for example if you put the indicator in a EURO/DOLLAR chart and you have the indicator calculate for EURO/DOLLAR, EURO/POUND, POUND/DOLLAR. you should expect the indicator to display the same values on each of these charts, but it does not. The values of the FPI indicator are different on each chart!

Does anyone have a stable MT4 indicator of FPI were the values remain the same?

i hope someone can help me

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