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Postby snscott » Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:00 pm

Links to all SNS Indicators. Kind of a "one stop shop" catalog. Each Indicator has it's own thread to keep discussions (if any) of them separated from each other. I'll keep this post updated if/when I add new indicators.

Simply click the indicator's name to jump to that thread.

Numerous customizable options for displaying candles
Allows you to set custom widths for the bodies and wicks of candles, display a higher TF candle in the background, automatically demark [x]-candle highs and lows as well as the average candle size within that range, and auto generate fibs between the high and low. Also various other options including a "RAT TRADE ZONE" indication box.

Simple local time bar indicator with optional session open/close lines
Lets you display your local time (using 12-hour clock with am/pm) for candles as well as demark the most recent opening and closing times of four trading sessions/periods - user specifies time periods' start and end and what text is displayed for each.

Combined Weekly/Daily Asian Session breakout-box trading strategy indicator
This indicator was created to complement or assist with the "Asian Session BreakOut" strategy, which is also known by many other names or titles across the various Forex Forums. It is essentially two indicators in one. First, it will highlight the high and low extremes of the Asian Session beginning with the Sydney open on Sunday Night (US Time) or whatever time/day you specify as the beginning of your Asian Session. The weekly box remains highlighted for you all week. Secondly, the indicator will draw another box for the Asian Session each day. This DAILY box redraws every day. Again, the start and end times for the daily session you want to [box] is user definable.

Variation on the SHI TREND indicator to overlay a FIB CHANNEL on current TF as well as draw MTF trends
This is a modification to the basic SHI_TREND indicator to allow a couple of options: Overlay a Fibonacci Channel onto the SHI Channel (prices seem to display an affinity for these Fib Channel lines) and to display SHI Trend channels from multiple time frames.

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