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Multi-Indic Watcher

Postby FerruFx » Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:39 am

Dear Traders,

Because of your great interest since 1 year now in my Multi-Indic indicator, it's time to release a new version. It was a long hard work because of my other projects which make me really busy!

Small reminder for those who missed the first version: the multi-indic indicator is a tool which display on a single chart the current direction of 16 indicators and 9 timeframes.

This new version is more elaborated and easier to use. Here's below the different features of this new tool:

1. Watcher mode: Multi-Indic

- 16 standards indicators: user is able to select the indicators he wants to display

- 9 timeframes: user is able to select the timeframes he wants to display

2. Watcher mode: Multi-Pairs

- 26 pairs: user is able to select the pairs he wants to display

- 9 timeframes: user is able to select the timeframes he wants to display

- User is able to select one of the 16 indicators he want the watcher calculate for the pairs and TFs selected

3. The settings

- Watcher mode: multi pairs or multi indic

- Select the pairs you want to display (true/false)

- Select the TFs you want to display (true/false)

- The k coefficient applied to the TFs: you are absolutely free to set the numbers you want. Depend of the difference you want to give. Example: you want give an extreme importance to high TFs, then you may set k increasing like this or It's really up to you and depend of your trading style. You are not limited by numbers.

- Select and set the indicators you want to use

- The colors: text and colored squares.

Important note before load the tool on your chart: for the 1st apply, select a few pairs or indicators. Then add step by step the others you need. It's a lot of calculation for multiple pairs, indicators and timeframes at the same time. After refreshing all pairs and TFs, it will work in real time with each new incoming ticks.

Hope you'll enjoy this new version like the first one. Your comments will be very much appreciated.

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