MT4 screen capture

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MT4 screen capture

Postby FerruFx » Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:31 am

Dear Traders,

Here's a small tool I coded for my personal use. I didn't reinvented the wheel. It may exist already in some other versions.

It saves a screen shot of your current chart in the /experts/files/ folder every starting bar. Example on a 1hr chart, a pic will be saved every hour.

Copy it in the /indicators/ folder and set it accordingly.

size_x - Screen shot width in pixels.
size_y - Screen shot height in pixels.
start_bar - Index of the first visible bar in the screen shot. If 0 value is set, the current first visible bar will be shot. If no value or negative value has been set, the end-of-chart screen shot will be produced, indent being taken into consideration.
chart_scale - Horizontal chart scale for screen shot. Can be in the range from 0 to 5. If no value or negative value has been set, the current chart scale will be used.
chart_mode - Chart displaying mode. It can take the following values: CHART_BAR (0 is a sequence of bars), CHART_CANDLE (1 is a sequence of candlesticks), CHART_LINE (2 is a close prices line). If no value or negative value has been set, the chart will be shown in its current mode.


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