likhovidov market sentiment index Indicator

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likhovidov market sentiment index Indicator

Postby zingz » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:56 am


I have used the likhovidov market sentiment index Indicator with the Rumus platform and it works great.

Does anyone know where I can get this indicator for MT4? If it is not available, is there someone who can code it?


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Postby Patch » Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:19 pm


Welcome to Kreslik. I hope your being here will help you improve your trading and grow you to reach all of your goals in life.

Do you have this set of indi's for tradestation or some other trading platform so you could post a chart or two of what they look like.

Searching the web for "likhovidov market sentiment index Indicator" I found this interesting site about Likhovidov and offers a code explaination of some of his indi's:

He talks about "4 line trading". I wonder are the 4 lines Likhovidov talkes about straight lines or squiggle lines?

I will attach the file listed for MT4: "Full codes for CandleCode and appropriate indicators for popular packages of technical analysis are available here:"

And here is the bio for Victor Likhovidov also on the site: "FOREX consultant, author and currency trader. I have degree of Candidate of science in the area of Mathematical Cybernetics (St. Petersburg State University) and financial manager diploma of Russian Academy of National Economy, Moscow. As the scientist, I carry out research in the areas of pattern recognition, neural networks, etc.
My training programs for traders - individuals and groups of students - include financial markets, FOREX trading and trading strategies.
I developed technical trading systems based on personal approach, in particular - intraday trading systems for currency market.
The Four Lines System ( is one of them.
I am also the author of new original mathematical method for quantitative analysis of Japanese candlestick charts (CandleCode, CandleCode indicator and related computer trading systems were tested in trading on various markets. CandleCode is now available in the most popular technical analysis software, such as Equis MetaStock (, Omega Research Trade Station (, Ward Systems's NeuroShell (, NeuroDimensions's TradingSolutions (, Wealth-Lab (, Investor/RT (, TechniFilter Plus (
Years of research and practice have resulted in a series of textbooks on fundamental and technical analysis of international currency market which are widely used for reading lectures, seminars and extra-mural courses for currency traders.
Now I offer my original approach to individual teaching and training based on the Four Lines Trading System intended for private traders who want to master the intra-day trading."
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