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Ixbone IX Trader Forex Software

Postby Ixbone » Wed May 08, 2013 5:15 pm

Ixbone IX Trader Forex is a Trading Software for Retail Forex market, which was designed and programmed for Metatrader.

IX Trader Forex is designed for traders who already trade the Forex market and have advanced knowledge about money management, position sizes, can perform interest calculations and want to switch from manual trading to automated trading.

IX Trader Forex is NOT for beginners in the Forex market!

IX Trader Forex is an automated Trend / Price Action trading software which is designed for daily charts!

The Standard version includes:
- Customer himself can make all the settings, which function should be activated or adjusted!
- 3 different versions to choose from: Home (lower risk), Professional (medium risk), Enterprise. (increased risk)
- Act with several currency pairs simultaneously.
- Each currency pair have its own unique and consistent identification number. (Magic Numbers)
- Pair Management. (Pair TP, SL, TS)
- Manage all positions simultaneously (Basket TP, SL, TS)
- Synchronization of stops and profits over all positions in a currency pair. (SyncTP, SyncSL)
- Dynamic subsequently immigrating Stops. (Pair/Basket TrailingStop)
- Time filters, when trading is allowed. (TimeFilter)
- Maximum number of positions a currency pair can have. (Max Trades)
- Fixed or dynamic sequence of steps between the positions. (PipStep)
- Domino Hedge with percentage StopLoss.
- Pair Volatility Management. (VolatilityPairPipsManagement)
- High/Low Power Trading.
- Maximum pips range per day and pair. (MaximumDailyPipsRange)
- Basket Percentage based lots calculation. (BasketPercent)
- Lots Calculation based of interests. (SwapLotsCalc)
- Fixed positions or open Martingale system with double. (Fix Position or Martingale)
- Comprehensive information system for Screen, Mail, Log and Sound.
- Customers have access to our new IX Trader Forum.
- Detailed online description in our IX Trader Forum.
- and much more

- And of course some mathematical secrets are not revealed :)
- Please visit our [url="http://www.ixbone.com/en/ix-trader-forex-statistics.html"]IX Trader Forex Statistics[/url], some FX Terminals are already running more than a year.
[url="http://www.ixbone.com/en/ix-trader-free-forex-demo.html"]Demo available![/url]

Sample picture attached

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Best regards

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