Candle Pattern Recognition Alert

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Candle Pattern Recognition Alert

Postby TygerKrane » Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:25 am

I am looking for an MT4 alert that will pop up a window (with sound effect) after the close of a 3rd candle, if these last 3 candles make a pattern of:

Bullish / Bearish / Bullish


Bearish / Bullish / Bearish

*The indicator could be put onto any timeframe hopefully

*A doji candle would not be counted (i.e. a doji candle would not be considered as part of the 3 candle pattern)

*Maybe include the option of choosing the sound to be used from the MT4 sounds folder

*Maybe include the option (on/off) of having all the Bull/Bear/Bull ; Bear/Bull/Bear patterns for the last 100 (just a number I picked out of my head) bars either highlighted or a box placed around it. {I guess like how Blubb's Custom Candle can draw a box around, or highlight the whole area; no wick information is necessary, just a box that surrounds the Hi & Low of that three candle range. I guess a choose-your-own color option & a stroke width input would be necessary for that.}

I hope someone can help


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