ATS Fisher for MT4/5

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ATS Fisher for MT4/5

Postby RDLNEO » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:44 pm

All of you know that the fixed five-sign is available only in DTs with big starting depot

this problem is solved by an arbitration method
i.e. you trade on a floating five-sign (for example Roboforex)
and signals to creation of the warrant (an entry point to the market) to you are sent by other robot, which
it is started as the arbitration appendix on DTs with the fixed five-sign (at this DTs on the account has to be nothing).
Simply, the robot on qualitative DTs, using the file clean copy sends signals for purchase in your DTs, and that settles trade situations (files clean copies are necessary to both experts)
the name of the robot for work in DTs with the fixed five-sign: Exporter.ex4
the name of the robot for work in your DTs: Receiver.ex4
here arrangement of folders:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex\MQL4\Files\
^^^ - I transferred DTs with the fixed five-sign (at me it is called as "BMF-MetaTrader" - on similar DTs the big starting deposit, and we need this DTs only because of exact signals of fluctuation of the price) to this folder, and also the files clean copies acquired by a tester register here

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex\MQL4\Files\BMF-MetaTrader\MQL4\Files\
^^^ - the files clean copies acquired by a tester register here

the tick history registers the Exporter.ex4 robot in the folder:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex\MQL4\Files\BMF-MetaTrader\MQL4\Files\Saver\
- to use this history in a tester, this history (these are files * ASK, * .BID, * .DAT) needs to be copied from the above folder in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Other_DTs\MQL4\Files\Recorder\

+ 1 sound file - throw it here here
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex\Sounds
and, respectively, here here
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex\MQL4\Files\BMF-MetaTrader\Sounds\

the tester can work anywhere (means - the terminal)!
only it is necessary to start it 2 times for the chosen tool since the first time he creates
files configurations (2 pieces) and 1 file which stores in itself information on your DTs, is
technical parameters, which to you (to ordinary traders) nobility not obligatory

+ I can tie these programs to your accounts
you will need to pay for any 3 accounts to me $50 for WebMoney

determine the maximum value of floating spread by the Test_Spread.ex4 mini-robot and enter in the CONFIG_GR.txt file in the FIX SPREAD parameter = for the concrete tool
after a clean copy operating time by means of a tester, - we throw the last both to the Master, and Slave
the order of start of these two robots - isn't important!
for the Receiver.ex4 robot there are global variables on pressing of the F3 key
for example:
____ NZDUSD ____ Trade Mode Enabled
- this variable can have values 1 or 0
also corresponds to a condition of the robot, in the mode 0 - the robot buys nothing, but only
settles trade situations - it can close warrants on a virtual trawl
unprofitable feet - not virtual, but usual (SL)

+ 1 more nuance: in a tester at start a lot of any rubbish is displayed
in order that to disconnect it enter into the file of a configuration of TRACER_CFG.txt
value "0" here this line:

here a screen picture with the terminal after work of this product:

+ I created the account:
the password for the investor: rrrrr1
for the account No. 5112186 pro-cent DTs "Roboforex"

My statement for the 3 days:

principle of all this such:
movement in the tool 20 minutes later we give tick history after the large to a tester,
which works 2-3 hours and creates the file clean copy which we copy to the master and a slave
also we restart these two robots (Exporter and Receiver (the restart order - is unimportant!))
here tick history for check of a tester:

Code: Select all

to swing from here:

Code: Select all

Whats news?
1. the tester reports at start how many history now it will use in days and in hours
proceeding from the STATIC DATA ALLIGMENT IN HOURS parameter [0-Disabled, >0] =
2. in archive there are clean copies made a tester in 10 days of history
- these will definitely not merge (couples: GBPCHF, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD)

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